Pinnacle Athletic Campus, located in Victor, NY, is your total sports experience. If you're a fan of football looking for a place to flex those competitive muscles, our flag football is the perfect fun for you.

Pinnacle Flag Football Program

Our round-robin football program focuses on fun and developing skills at game speed by maximizing playing time. There will be three teams playing for one hour. Each team will get an offensive series, defensive series, then a break. At the halfway point, we will change the rotation and fix any possible mismatches in the teams to ensure a fair and competitive match. There will be a coach for each Juniors team, and at least one coach to organize the High School team. Points will be kept, and referees will be there to ensure fair and safe play.Want To Play?Juniors: 10-13 Years Old (Co-Ed) Wednesdays- 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Juniors: High School: 14-17 Years Old (Co-Ed) Wednesdays- 7:00 - 8:00 PM11/28 * 12/5 * 12/12 * 1/2


Contact our team about yours by calling 585-433-2930.

You can reach Pinnacle Athletic Campus by phone at 585-433-2930 to speak with one of our athletic program directors, or through email by writing to us via our secure contact page.