Chris Culver

Manager and Director of Baseball and Softball

Chris is the Baseball & Softball Director at Pinnacle Athletic. He is responsible for overall management of the travel softball program, planning softball academies, and is the lead one-on-one hitting and fielding instructor. His coaching experience dates back to the early 2000’s as an instructor at the Original Rochester Frozen Ropes and MCC Softball. Although his most famous student is his son, Cito, who was drafted by the New York Yankees and is currently playing in AAA, many of the athletes that he coached have played at higher levels of baseball and softball. Chris has the vision and passion get Pinnacle Softball and baseball to a high level.

Contact Chris​​​​​​​

You can reach Pinnacle Athletic Campus by phone at 585-433-2930 to speak with one of our athletic program directors, or through email by writing to us via our secure contact page.