Pinnacle Physiotherapy

Movement Optimization Medicine

Physiotherapy is a new kind of medicine designed to improve overall health by promoting lifelong enhancements of body awareness and movement quality. This journey is for curious, open-minded individuals who seek top-quality within all experiences.

Our lives are steeped in movement; let us step back to enjoy the experience and have fun along the way. Pinnacle Physio will help you toward your individual path by providing unique and customized tools, which optimize lifelong movement experiences. Our mission is to guide you towards confidence and clarity within your body, and set your course for optimized movement.

Each session offers exploratory, movement-based learning objectives that will prime your body and mind for the upcoming obstacles, which must be overcome. These go hand-in-hand with in-depth discussion regarding the experience to keep your brain focused and open to growth. Over time, this experience leads to the organic development of sustained optimization. If needed, manual treatments for the spine and joints, soft tissue mobilization techniques, and cupping therapy may be provided to set you up for growth and success.

Meet Alex Houghtalen

Alex is a Nazareth College graduate of the Physical Therapy doctoral program. He has broad experience helping people get better, working in nursing homes and rehab facilities, as well as therapy clinics. His experience as a volleyball player has also lead to opportunities with several volleyball clubs as an athlete development coach. As one who has experienced the benefits of movement optimization firsthand, Alex is passionate about working with anyone who wants to join him on the endless quest to get better. Please contact Dr. Alex Houghtalen, DPT to schedule a consultation and learn more about his services.

Personal Training

Meet with one of our licensed Personal Trainer, Kelli Bair, to reach your fitness and health goals! Schedule an initial health assessment to maximize the results of your personalized program developed by your assigned trainer. Next, choose your personal or group training package - Individual Training Sessions are also available. Finally, get started!

Contact us to speak with one of our trainers or staff today and start achieving the peak of your physical fitness!

You can reach Pinnacle Athletic Campus by phone at 585-433-2930 to speak with one of our athletic program directors, or through email by writing to us via our secure contact page.