Jess Koneski

Softball Instructor & Childcare
Khyle Dimino

Director of Baseball
Morgan Boyce

Director of Softball
Patty Clemente

Director & Event Planner
Alex Houghtalen

Physical Therapist
Michelle Prong

College Recruiting Advisor
Emily DeFilippo

14U Elite Head Coach
Jen Meysuch

Softball Instructor
Jeff Fisher

18U Select Head Coach
Laura Caffarelli

Fitness Instructor
Kyle Johnson

Child Watch & Soccer Instructor
Amber Breedy

Pinnacle Athletic Campus Intern
Dave Prong

Head Softball Coach
Stacy (Kuwik) Skalicky

Softball Instructor
Jackie Smith

Softball Coach
Katie Mazierski

Softball Coach
Brendan Miles

Child Watch
Donato Clemente

Director of Daycare/Marketing
Kelli Bair

Fitness Instructor

You can reach Pinnacle Athletic Campus by phone at 585-433-2930 to speak with one of our athletic program directors, or through email by writing to us via our secure contact page.