Pinnacle volleyball academy

Pinnacle Volleyball Academy (PVA) provides a place for male and female players ages 6-18 to improve their skills over the course of the off-season. PVA is open to athletes of all levels. It is also open to athletes looking for supplemental training to their local club team practices. Whether your goal is to achieve success at the community, travel, modified, scholastic or collegiate level, the Pinnacle Volleyball Academy can help provide players with the skills and knowledge to help create a path to success.  

Training is designed to focus on building skills sets from the ground up through a combination of fundamental to offense and defensive schemes. Athletes will follow a weekly training program that will increase in intensity as the program progresses. 

Volleyball Train & Gain

Pinnacle Volleyball Train & Gain is a Volleyball training group that will provide structured practices to improve players knowledge and skill ability!  

adult co-ed volleyball Leagues & Tournaments

All matches consist of three games and each game will count in the standings. Rally scoring system will be used (point will be given for each side), with games played to 25 points. Winning team must win by 2 points with a cap of 27 points. Teams consist of 6 players. (4 males, 2 females)

Private Lessons

We offer training for youth, high school, collegiate, and professional players. With a dedicated staff of highly qualified and experienced coaches, we are capable of teaching fundamentals to advanced techniques for players who want to pursue volleyball at a higher level. 

To inquire about private instruction, please contact Bethany or call 585-433-2930.