pinnacle soccer academy

The Pinnacle Soccer Academy is a skills development program for boys and girls ages 5-18, designed to improve individual soccer skills. The sessions allow and encourage players to have fun while developing their on-field skills and increasing their knowledge of the game of soccer. All instructors are former college and professional players who teach from experience, love, and passion for the game! 

Leagues & Tournaments

Adult Leagues

Adult leagues at Pinnacle we cover everything from Futsal, Beach Soccer, Footvolley, Soccer Tennis, and everything in between. Our leagues are designed to give adult athletes access to different field surfaces to accelerate your game as a whole.  

Youth Leagues

Similar to our adult leagues our youth leagues at Pinnacle are designed to give youth athletes the ability to build their fundamentals on different field surfaces that will help them grow into creative players and help them elevate their game.  


With one of the regions premiere facilities in the Northeast we can host and create tournaments to facilitate teams and programs of all shapes and size. We offer a range of tournaments including:

  • 11 vs 11

  • 8 vs 8

  • 5 vs 5

  • Friendlies

  • pop up tournaments

  • Soccer 5 Festival  

Private Lessons

The Pinnacle Athletics Soccer Staff is available for a customized private instruction. To inquire about private instruction, please contact or call 585-305-1136


Pinnacle Soccer will offer camps, specialized clinics, coaching education and certification, as well as youth school break camps. 


Pinnacle KIDS Soccer

The Pinnacle KIDS Soccer (ages 4-8) program will teach your child the fundamental skills of soccer, the rules of the game, as well as covering the importance of respect and teamwork in sports. This program also focuses on a combination of individual training,  team play and is the perfect development program to complement your child's club or school team's soccer performance.

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