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Pinnacle Martial Arts programs offer a fusion of unique Martial Arts that can be adapted to meet the needs of the individual. Our programs provide solutions for all possible stages of self-defense and are a great source of cardiovascular exercise that promote good overall health. 

Karate lessons will improve your child’s coordination to excel in sports, while building their character to excel in life.

Camps & Clinics:

Interested in trying martial arts for the first time? Pinnacle Martial arts offers students a unique opportunity to increase physical activity and awareness while also honing cognitive and social skills. Through Martial Arts training, your child will develop self-discipline, ultimately leading to improved school grades. Learned respect in the Dojo will lead to obedience to parents and authority. Concentration during class will lead to a greater attention span. Emphasis on the importance of character will lead to leadership ability. Development of coordination will lead to improvement in sports. Self-Defense will lead to confidence. Improved self-esteem will lead to the ability to overcome peer pressure. Learning self-control will lead to a controlled temper. These are but a few of the short and long-term benefits of these Martial Arts camps, including Karate, Muay Thai Kickboxing and BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu).



Like any sport, there is always an opportunity for injury. Our instructors are trained to actively prevent injuries by creating a safe training environment. Although scrapes and bruises are unavoidable, serious injuries have not occurred at East Side Martial Arts


Before any punches and kicks are learned, the most important rule of the karate school is taught. The rule states that if karate is ever used outside of the karate school, the student will be banned from training. Through the initial weeks of training, students gain a respect for the knowledge and strength that martial arts teaches. They are taught to be accountable to instructors and parents for their actions and to live above the influence of bullies and anger. As a result of the accountability, the students seek the parents and instructors advice rather than lashing out in anger.


For many children affected by ADD and ADHD; martial arts has proven to be extremely successful in providing a structured, fast-paced activity which helps them learn to function and feel good about themselves, develop positive character traits and learn to interact with peers.

One person describes ADD as having every sound and every movement around you having the same stimulating impact. Because all movements and sounds have the same impact, it becomes difficult to filter out what is not necessary for completing a task in order to focus on what is necessary. Students may have dozens of things stimulating their brain at once and not be able to determine which one to stay focused on.

Martial arts classes are formatted to help students stay on task by immersing the student in a structured environment where students can have fun while focusing on clear and concise tasks.

While we always treat students with ADD and ADHD the same as other students, we do focus on the individual needs of each of our students. Before beginning your child’s training at East Side Martial Arts, we would like to sit down with you and discuss the goals you have for your child.


"My son started Karate when he was about 8 years old. We first visited the Martial Arts school when it was called Rising Sun Kids academy and were interested in the school for one of my other children who struggled with ADHD. Upon visiting, my other son Jameson was encouraged to 'play' and try some karate. He was engaged in some initial training and was hooked. He had struggled with an ongoing depression and fitting in since his parents divorce and not having a dad in his life. He immediately was welcomed and most of his training tailored to his ability, age level and comfort. Jameson had always struggled with team sports; not wanting to hurt the other team, beat anyone or watch someone lose. So this discipline was one he quickly took to in that he could learn at his own pace and essentially compete only against himself. Over the past many years he has advanced belt levels at a fairly constant pace. Despite many obstacles both physical and mental he was encouraged, mentored and pushed to do his best by the staff at Pinnacle. Many opportunities arose for him to quit and it was with the encouragement of the staff that he persevered. They constantly showed him how to learn not only the art of karate, but have continued to teach him a multitude of life lessons in regards not only to sports but to all other disciplines of life as well. Over the years of karate we have managed his depression with less medication, his grades have improved and his issues with anger have all but disappeared. He tackles things with a more positive outlook despite what his surroundings may tell him. I owe so much of who my son is today to the many years he has spent with the people here at Pinnacle Martial Arts. Their dedication to making him into the upstanding young man I am seeing him become is evident in every moment they spend with him."
- Rebecca Coleman


If you are still unsure if karate is right for your child, we invite you to observe our class. We also offer a trial month of karate and a uniform to give you an opportunity to make a well-educated decision.



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