Pinnacle Athletic offers beginner to elite training for youth basketball players. Pinnacle Athletics has a dedicated staff of highly qualified and experienced coaches capable of teaching fundamental basketball to beginners, or advanced techniques for players that want to pursue the sport of basketball at a higher level. All classes will be offered on Pinnacle's brand new, NBA grade maple floors.


Designed to give students their first experience in archery. This class is centered around teaching the fundamentals of archery with an emphasis on fun, utilizing the USA Archery Explore Archery curriculum. In this class, students will learn both compound and recurve style archery and all of the opportunities archery can provide from bowhunting to elite level athlete competition and everything in between. All classes are taught by USA Archery certified instructors. All equipment is provided. 

beginner level 1 archery

Designed to give students of all ages the next crucial step in developing their archery skill, or for an adult, their first experience with archery and technique as a beginner level archer. This class is centered around teaching the fundamentals of archery with an emphasis on fun while incorporating more formal structured instruction. Students will begin introduction to the USA Archery National Training System. This class helps students start to settle on their initial style of archery - whether it be compound or Olympic style recurve - and their instruction is designed to give them their first steps in that particular discipline. We also begin introducing students to their own equipment, however, equipment for this class can still be provided. All classes are taught by USA Archery-certified instructors and are a great first step toward becoming an elite archer whether in the outdoors or target competition.

advanced compound archery (AGES 10+)

All students at this level should have completed the Beginner Level 1 course. Exceptions may be made if the student can demonstrate proper skill and safety prior to taking the advanced course. If the coaching staff feels the student cannot properly demonstrate these techniques, they will be referred to the Beginner Level 1 course. 

Our Advanced program is designed to give students advanced level instruction following the NTS National Training System. At the end of this course, most students will have enough skill to compete in competitive archery or be a proficient, all around archer. This class is centered on teaching the fundamentals of competitive archery with the emphasis shifting to formal coaching while continuing to learn the USA Archery National Training System. Students will continue to learn the skill and technique required to be a proficient archer at the competitive level. We recommend at this level that students have their own equipment, however, entry-level equipment for this class can still be provided. This class will be instructed by our Compound Development Coach Gary Neal. Gary is a Level 3 NTS National Coach and Head Coach of our Youth Competitive Travel Team.

Leagues & Tournaments



A great tool for skill development for young players. This league (Ages 9-11, 12-14, 14-16), offers an exciting and affordable opportunity to enhance individual and team skills. The smaller team size increases offensive and defensive opportunities for each player as well as encourages teamwork. The intent of this program is to provide a fun, competitive learning environment for all players. 3 on 3 is a fast paced exciting game that teaches the movements of basketball while encouraging creativity and cooperative team play.

Competitive Level

Pinnacle Athletic Basketball League offers year round basketball leagues for the competitive athlete with professional officials and scorekeepers. Competitive league games are played on high school regulation sized courts.

Pinnacle KIDS

This program will teach your child the fundamental skills of basketball, the rules of the game, as well as covering the importance of respect and teamwork in sports in a fun atmosphere.

Camps & Clinics

The Pinnacle Athletics Basketball Staff will offer camps, clinics & tournaments during holiday & school breaks. The Pinnacle Athletics Basketball Staff is available for a customized private instruction. To inquire about private instruction, please contact or call 585-433-2930.

Summer Camps & Clinics

School Break Clinics